The T4 Project (Bad Religion, Pennywise, Buzzcocks, many more) plan vinyl release
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Bad Religion

The T4 Project has announced plans for a limited vinyl release of their album, Story-Based Concept Album. The project consists of more than a dozen musicians, and took more than two and a half years, seven studios and two continents to shape and contain the recording. The upcoming album will feature 10 tracks by the band, 8 "pseudo commercial interludes" featuring social and political commentary, as well as bonus materials like full color comic art and 15 hours of studio footage.

The vinyl will feature a gatefold package with 24 page comic art booklet, and pressed on 12-inch virgin vinyl. The pressing is limited to 2000 copies and will be produced by Sound of California. You can find more information here.

The roster of musicians is as follows: Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise), Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, the Circle Jerks), Peter Distefano (Porno for Pyros), and Armand Tambouris (From Satellite) on guitars, Trotsky (Citizen Fish, Subhumans) and Spike Smith (Morrissey, the Damned) on drums, Jay Bentley (Bad Religion), Tony Barber (Buzzcocks) and Mike Carter (Glass & Ashes) on bass and Paul Roesler (The Screamers, Nina Hagen) on keyboards. Rounding out this punk rock supergroup is Kirsten Patches of Naked Aggression, Jason Cruz of Strung Out and Shannon Saint Ryan of Meet the Virus sharing vocal duties. Backing the band up on the album will be the 40-piece Ventura College Choir.