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Kill Your Idols have announced their final shows and releases leading to their planned retirement this summer. Guitarist Gary Bennett posted a lengthy update to their MySpace page, reflecting on the band's time together:

Man, everytime I start to talk about something KYI releated latley, I get taken back to a whirlwind of awesome memories that I hope I never become too senile to remember. I guess this is what it's all about. Appreciate your time on this earth, people. And if you love something, don't ever take it for granted. There were times in this band when I forgot why I was doing it and got all wrapped up in the music biz end of it, the logistical end of it, the financial, the inner-band drama, and these things are what will kill a band in the end. I'm psyced that we lasted almost 12 years and none of these things are what killed us. We stood our ground and kept it together. And we are going out on our own terms. I can't think of a better way. I'm so happy I have way more great memories of amazing experiences. I'm glad we stuck it out in the bad times.

The band will play their final shows alongside bands like Violent Society, Ensign, Two Man Advantage and Crime In Stereo. It looks like May 13th is the final gig.

Also a number of releases are on their way to cap off the band's career. Along with the split 7" with Poison Idea on TKO, the band will see a 7" of demo recordings via Vicious Circle titled Salmon Swim Upstream. Finally the band's last release will be a retrospective compilation via Lifeline Records (CD) and Get Outta Town Records (vinyl). The vinyl package will be a limited edition box set of coloured 7"s.

Final Kill Your Idols tour dates
04/28/2007 03:00 PMFirst Unitarian ChurchPhiladelphia, Pennsylvaniawith Go! For The Throat (Reunion)
05/04/2007 06:00 PMGarfield American LegionGarfield, New Jerseywith VIOLENT SOCIETY, ENSIGN, CRIME IN STEREO, MY REVENGE
05/11/2007 06:00 PMSmithtown LodgeSmithtown, New Yorkwith VIOLENT SOCIETY. TAKE MY CHANCES. PULLING TEETH. IN TIMES OF WAR
05/12/2007 06:00 PMThe Loft in BrooklynBrooklyn, New Yorkwith VIOLENT SOCIETY, SPLITTING HEADACHE, SICK OF TALK
05/13/2007 05:00 PMSmithtown LodgeSmithtown, New Yorkwith CRIME IN STEREO, CAPITAL, CRANKED UP, SPLITTING HEADACHE