by Touch and Go

Looks like Naked Raygun has more treats for fans who attend their upcoming Chicago shows at the end of the month. The band has enlisted punk legend Jake Burns of Stiff Little Fingers as well as Dan Schaeffer of Methadones, Screeching Weasel and Sludgeworth, for their set.

Raygun will be performing a few songs with Jake Burns, and is also promising some Sludgeworth tracks with Dan. Of course, the much anticipated openers Dillinger Four and the Bollweevils are still set to kick off the show.

The second show will feature The Bollweevils, The Effigies & Shot Baker. The band has scheduled two shows to take place on April 27th at the House of Blues Chicago. The influential Chicago act officially reunited this past January after a successful showing at the 2006 Riot Fest.