Reggie and The Full Effect
Contributed by punkbytheounce, Posted by Vagrant Break-ups

James DeWees has announced via MySpace that synth-rockers Reggie and the Full Effect have called it quits. Cryptically put with no date attached it was put:

sorry kids the joke is over, paying other peoples bills for so long that now i have to pay my own. oh yea and go see coalesce on their tour. you will see where i came from

Reggie released new songs in June and there's no news on whether the planned new album will surface.

The band released Songs Not To Get Married To in 2005, Under The Tray in 2003, Promotional Copy in 2000 and Greatest Hits '84-'87 in 1998 and was reissued in 2004.

DeWees other project, the influential hardcore band Coalesce, recently decided to get the band back together.