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Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Bad Astronaut, Afterburner and the recently announced Dead Penguin has yet another release in the works. A recent blog posting revealed:

Recently I decided to make a new acoustic album for the Swedish label Bad Taste Records. I have thought about this a lot and I realized I'm still attracted to the idea of a record with packaging, something people can hold in their hands. The days of these sort of releases are clearly nearing an end, so I just want to have one full-length acoustic release on my list of achievements. Because of this, I will not be posting everything I record for download. Out of respect for Bad Taste Records I will have to hold on to the recordings, although I can still post other stuff for download, hopefully of some interest to those who visit the site, The album is tentatively set for release in April 2008. I am planning to support the release with a series of acoustic tours beginning in Europe in April. I have to admit, I am terrified, but it is something I have always wanted to do.