September 30th, 2007
by Sunday Edition

It's Sunday, September 30th, 2007. I've made it a tradition that I don't actually write intro blurbs on the last day of September. Look into it, I'm not lying. , Universal or Starbucks? Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon voiced her opinion, responding to fans riled by the band's partnership with the coffee giant on an upcoming favorites collection. I suppose that's no less weird than the Sex Pistols reuniting to re–record "Anarchy in the UK" for the video game Guitar Hero III. My Chemical Romance turned a few heads when Gerald Way riled against the "emo" label that his band's often stuck with. The peer–to–peer war escalated this week as well, with BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay going on the offensive and launching lawsuits against the European divisions of the major labels. Does it make you feel old to know that the Beastie Boys are now eligible for the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. The band was indeed recently nominated.

We had word on a number of new records this week. NOFX provided the first details on their upcoming live album, unveiling the cover art and nailing down a release date. Anti–Flag is set to enter the studio soon with producer Tony Visconti to record their sophomore major label full length. The band also released the track "Corporate Rock Still Sucks." Paint It Black wrapped up their new full length and chatted about it and, well, us. Asian Man also announced plans to reissue work from the Lawrence Arms and the Broadways on vinyl. We saw new videos this week from the Gaslight Anthem ("I'da Called You Woody, Joe") and Avenged Sevenfold ("Almost Easy"). A Wilhelm Scream released a batch of new media promoting their new record, but lost a guitarist along the way. Streetlight Manifesto announced a tour alongside Suburban Legends and the Stitch Up. Finally, because we enjoy horrifying you, we have Fall Out Boy performing Green Day's "Basket Case" and Paramore tackling At The Drive–In's "One–Armed Scissor." Our Video of the Week featured part four of our video countdown to the Fest 6. This week we checked out a video interview with Dan Yemin of Lifetime and event founder Tony Weinbender of No Idea Records . The ninth edition of Vinyl File featured the second and final part of our look at the vinyl output of modern punk favourites the Alkaline Trio. We also streamed music from Teddy Duchamp's Army, a Pittsburgh, PA–based band that saw members go on to form/join Anti–Flag, Don Caballero and Voice in the Wire.

Radio Free Punknews

Check the Punknews Music page to stream all sorts of anticipated new music including a full album scream from Killing California, the new album from Tyler Read, some Discharge styled hardcore from Brooklyn's Disnihil, former Marathon frontman Aaron Scott's new act Attica! Attica!, the new full length Doublecross from Vancouver's Riff Randells, the entirety of Andrew Jackson Jihad's new folk-punk debut for Asian Man, Young Livers, featuring members of Glass and Ashes, Fiya and Towers of Hanoi, Arsonists Get All The Girls latest full length The Game of Life, Young Livers, which features members of Glass and Ashes, Fiya and Towers of Hanoi, half of the new full length from Toronto ska-punks the Flatliners. longstanding DC ska act the Pietasters with the full album All Day, and a new track from third wave ska mainstays Mustard Plug. It's Funny, I Don't Feel Like a Winner Win a guitar from The Spill Canvas
With their new record titled No Really, I'm Fine due out October 02, 2007, The Spill Canvas has decided to give away a new electric guitar. The album is the follow up to One Fell Swoop and is their first release on Sire Records. You can check out the rules and enter the contest right here.

Win an iPod Classic from Armor for Sleep
On October 09, 2007, Armor For Sleep will be releasing their major label debut, Smile For Them. To celebrate, the band has decided to give one lucky winner with an 80GB iPod Classic engraved with the band’s logo. To take your shot at the prize, just visit this page. Staff Side-Projects

Your trusty Punknews staffers and reviewers have all sorts of projects on the go, everything from poorly spelled and oft neglected blogs to big official world domination schemes. Here's what's up this week:

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You can find more at editor and videographer Chris Moran collection of recordings online at Vimeo, and editor Justin August's blog Kinder Words. Super Powers Enable Me To Blend In With Machinery

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