Contributed by PizzaClaus, Posted by Triple Crown Break-ups

Sussex, New Jersey's Folly has called it quits. The band has posted a statement (well, more a lengthy tome really) to their MySpace page explaining their rationale and giving their thanks. Among it they revealed:

So what's next? We'll be planning some "final shows" in due time, most likely in the NJ–NY–CT region abound. Ideally we wanted to get out to all the other states we love, (Florida, Texas, California, etc…) but it doesn't seem likely we'll do so. Also, to further extend going out the same way we came in, we decided to record some new tracks (currently doing so) and make them all available online. It's the closest thing we could think of that resembled copying demo tapes and handing them out in the late 90's. High speed dubbing ruled! Each song on the finale is named after a town we broke down in, written in bitter contempt and yet grateful resolution in leaving something we love so much. It's somewhat of a metaphorical "concept album" that speaks for the culmination of the holistic Folly experience, from start to finish– old and new. It's our requiem; the eulogy of our death. Consider this perhaps as the sequel to the band and the prequel to the rest of our lives. We'll keep you posted soon about the last shows and hott lickz/sick chopz trax…

The band last released Resist Convenience on Triple Crown Records.