Congratulations! You're the lucky reader of the 44th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed of upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands' own collections and labels with a history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

This week, we've got a load of stuff in store for you. First of all, we've got a winner of last week's Off with Their Heads contest. We also have two brand new contests lined up for this week, in which one winner will be receiving a test pressing of the new LP from Landmines and another will get one from The Methadones, who we also interviewed for this week. Madness.

Last week's Off with Their Heads contest was a smashing success. While I am sad to say that neither myself nor most of you won, we will be happy to send along a copy of the record to Josh Whipple of San Luis Obispo, CA.

Career Objective, the second LP from The Methadones is now available on vinyl. Our friends at Underground Communique are so stoked about it that they want to give away a test pressing. Email ben (at) punknews (dot) org for your chance. Make sure you include the word "Methadones" in the subject title, or I won't know why you're sending me your address.

The fun doesn't stop there, though. We've also got an interview with The Methadone's Danny Vapid. Check it out!

After being around since the early '90s, what do you think of the changes that have occurred in the pop punk community?

I have a jaded view on pop punk. But here it goes…I think a lot of bands are writing watered down bubble gum crap. There are many other great bands than the Ramones to be influenced by. I think they should challenge themselves and stop writing about making out in a backseat of a car or going to the fucking prom! It's really awful. But there are some really good bands coming out as well like the Copyrights, Leftovers, Ergs. If you haven't heard them you should. Hopefully, more bands will continue to mix melody and punk rock and do it well.

Having started the Methadones as a side project 15 years ago, did you ever think you'd still be keeping it up?

Yeah kind've. I have a love-hate relationship with music that's been going on forever. For better or worse this is what I do.

Chicago has been a steady source of great punk bands over the last decade or so. To what, if anything, would you attribute that?

Not sure, maybe luck. When i was growing up Chicago wasn't that great for music other than Naked Raygun. The punks always liked bands from New York or California.

The new album has been out for a little while now, how has it been received, and how do you feel about it after having some time to let it sink in?

I'm not sure how it's been received. I don't read our reviews, either. As soon as a record is done I start thinking about what I want to do next.

You're hitting Europe in the Fall, but keeping a pretty busy schedule. Do you have time to be a tourist there? If not, do you get bummed that you're traveling all that way and not getting to see the cities?

I'm going to make the time to see some sites. It's a must for me. If it means leaving a city early so we can check out the leaning tower of Pisa or some historic landmark than that's what we will do.

The Methadones have been a pretty steady source of uncomplicated pop punk. What roll do you think that particular brand plays in popular music today?

Well, i don't like to make songs complicated because it's not what I enjoy listening to. People make the mistake thinking a 3 or 4 chord song means it's easy. That's not always the case. There is a skill to it because it still needs to be effective. That being said, why play a song with a ton of different parts and odd time signature if it's not serving the song. I also don't think my outlook has a place in popular music. I'm perfectly fine with that.

The band has been pretty good with seeing releases being pressed on vinyl. What are your feelings about the format?

I like the format. It's big and fun. But when it comes down to it I'd release it on an 8 track if it would sell.

Once you wrap up the fall by playing at the Fest, what can people expect from The Methadones?

You can expect four guys to be annoyed as hell with each other!

Hold on, the good stuff isn't about to stop just yet. Landmines have just released their first full-length for Paper and Plastick, the new label from Less Than Jake drummer, Vinnie Fiorello. To celebrate, we're giving one lucky winner their own test pressing of the album. What's even sweeter is that there are only three test pressings in existence. To win, email your name and address to ben (at) punknews (dot) org.


Suburban Home records has done a second run of Drag the River's Has a Way With Women 7". The second pressing is on black, blue, yellow and red vinyl with the black being limited to 200 and 100 for the rest. Each copy of the record is hand-numbered and contains one track from both Jon and Chad.You can order it here.

Fucked Up has reissued their Year of the Pig [12 inch], only this time as a 7". It has a different b-side from the 12" as well as new artwork. Collectors may want to look out for an 8-track CDEP as well.

Doghouse Records will be releasing Scream & Light Up The Sky from Brooklyn's The Honorary Title. The record is due on August 19 and includes two exclusive songs not found on the CD version.

No Idea Records has some pressing numbers on projects they 've been working on. Cheap Tragedy's self-titled 7" has copies on purple(/375), grey (/325), grey-purple/purple-grey (/300), raspberry (/25) and light grey (/13). Also, the split we mentioned last week between Holy Mountain and Cave Canem is broken down with 450 on black and 50 on red. Off With Their Heads fans can no longer buy a first press copy of their new album From the Bottom, but don't fret, 1,000 more are in the works, split between two colors.

Vinyl Collective is offering a new 7" from Kay Kay and His Weathered Undergroun. The 7" is a teaser for the band's upcoming second LP and contains two tracks. It's on green (/300) and clear (/700) vinyl.

Old Wounds, the latest album from Young Widows will be released on vinyl in August. The 2xLP looks pretty sick as it is on gold vinyl with black "skulls" placed throughout the records. While the skulls may look more like blobs or snot. Or blobs of snot, it still looks rad.

Vagrant has reissued Alkaline Trio's 2003 album Good Mourning. This time around it's being pressed as a 2xLP, which should make for a more enjoyable listening experience. It's on black vinyl as well as two other colors not yet announced. In other Vagrant news The Hold Steady's new album, Stay Positive, is still a few weeks away from its vinyl release. Expect it by mid-August.

Canada's Dine Alone Records have a number of new 7"s worth mentioning. First up is "Sleeping Sickness" from City and Colour, which features the studio version of its title-track as well as a demo version on the b-side. Jim Ward of Sparta has a country-tinged side-project by the name of Sleepercar and they have a 7" out as well. Next up is Emire Air which brings with it two members of Attack in Black. Guess what. 7"! Finally, Black Lungs which is fronted by Wade MacNeil of alexisonfire has a 7" out with two songs that will not be found on their upcoming LP. All of these releases are limited to 300 with the exception of City and Colour, of which 1,000 were printed. Also be sure to keep your eyes open for pre-sales for Attack in Black's stunning debut LP Marriage.

Deathwish Inc. will have a limit number of the Supermachiner 2xLP sometime in mid-August, so you may want to keep a lookout for that.

Barrett Records is oh-so-close to releasing Act I from Sakes Alive. The record will be pressed on both transparent green (/100) and marble (/400). You can pre-order it though the Barrett Records website and be entered into a draw to win a test pressing.

Chris Clavin, who is best known as one half of Ghost Mice has his first solo album out. The Roads Lead Everywhere is on blue, red, yellow and black vinyl, all of which you can order here Bridge Nine has started taking orders for the new Ceremony record. Still Nothing Moves You will be on white (/1500) and grey (/900) vinyl.

One Day As A Lion, which features Zach de la Rocha, former singer for Rage Against The Machine has a new EP available on vinyl. It will be on 180g vinyl and ships in October, but you get MP3s of the EP right away.

If you would like to see something mentioned in Vinyl File, email (ben) at (punknews) dot (org)