The Infested, based out of Leeds in the UK, are getting set to release their debut album Myths, Lies & Hypocrites on Monday, November 3rd on EHC/Pumpkin Records. The label wants fans of Leftover Crack and Choking Victim to take note of this one, as the Infested are clearly inspired by the "crackrocksteady" sound those band's estabished. A number of songs are online streaming at MySpace.

Glasgow based melodic hardcore band Inner Logic have four tracks from their Parallel Reality EP online. You can stream the music at MySpace. The band claims influence from bands like Bad Religion, Dag Nasty and Pennywise.

Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in California, the Malheruex are currently streaming their new EP Nightmares online at PureVolume. The band points to Emery and Minus the Bear as influences.