Contributed by daggerZ, Posted by Punkradiocast

In January of 2009 7 Seconds frontman Kevin Seconds will launch a new weekly radio program dubbed Pay To Strum on PunkRadioCast. The two-hour weekly show will focus on punk rock singer-songwriters and their influences. Kevin commented:

As a longtime punk rocker who writes, performs and records songs, it has always struck me just how under-appreciated songwriters within the punk rock and hardcore music community have been. It seems that the only people who talk about great, well-written songs by punk performers are other punk performers and it has always left me perplexed and frustrated.

There is no denying the speed and fury and intensity and spirit of songs by the Clash, the Jam, X, Stiff Little Fingers, the Minutemen, Fugazi and Avail but how often do we REALLY stop and dig into the heart, soul and thinking of the writers who put those great songs together - the Joe Strummers, the Paul Wellers, the Jake Burns', the D. Boons, the Tim Barrys?

The show will also spotlight those who've struck out on their own as solo performers, artists such as Chuck Ragan, Matt Skiba, Tim Barry and Tom Gabel among others. The show will be broadcast every Tuesday evening from 11 PM to 1 AM EST.