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Duncan Redmonds of Snuff, Toy Dolls and Billy No Mates fame has announced his solo compilation, Bubble & Squeak. Due out February 17, 2009 on World Records, the album features collaborations with NOFX, Leatherface, Hi-Standard, Hardskin, Nomeansno, Guns'n'Wankers and others.

Duncan explains:

The project was started in 2004 by handing out a load of riffs to people met over the years touring and playing with Snuff and asking them to add their ideas to them. Then finished in 2008 when Jools picked up his bass and shouted a few short sharp profanities. Sometimes it was the other way around and riffs were offered, sometimes melodies were suggested and a lyric fitted to it, sometimes old songs were reworked and sometimes new songs jammed out, all topped off with a Donovan cover and a mix by Nick Philpin in Kilburn NW London.

  1. Allotment No.44 (Feat. Frankie Stubbs Leatherface & Loz Wong Snuff)
  2. Homosexual WWIII
  3. Guilty (Feat. Simon Wells Snuff)
  4. Vultures Tapping On A Brain (Feat. NOMEANSNO)
  5. I Got The Fear (Feat. Visions of Change)
  6. La La La La Dickhead (Feat. Fat Mike NoFX & Ken Yokoyama Hi-Standard)
  7. That’s Bollocks Mate (Feat. Hard Skin)
  8. Bushfire (Feat. Frankie Stubbs Leatherface)
  9. Catch the Wind [Originally by Donovan] (Feat. Billy No Mates UK)
  10. Might See You Later (Feat. Guns 'n' Wankers)
  11. There Goes The Men In Black (Feat. Lee Erinmez Snuff)
  12. Blah Blah Blah (CHAT)
  13. Romford (Feat. Hard Skin)
  14. Compulsion (Feat. Simon Wells Snuff)
  15. Sake Bomb (Feat. Ken Yokoyama Hi-Standard & Billy No Mates Japan)
  16. Norman Hunter (Feat. Simon Wells Snuff)
  17. Dreamlike (Feat. The Pissmops)
  18. Don't Leave The Planet Without Me (Feat. Dickie Hammond Leatherface)
  19. Scilacci
  20. Spooky (Feat. Billy No Mates Japan)
  21. Working Class Smell (Feat. Hard Skin)
  22. Tea (Feat. Frankie Stubbs Leatherface)