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While the band announced a hiatus last September, the Foo Fighters look to be continuing on in some form. According to a Spinner report, the hiatus may turn out to be very brief:

We're writing, working on music intermittently. We've already got together and worked on a little bit of stuff, but very tenatively, just ideas. We're just gonna take our time. It would be hard for us to go a year without making music together. We have fun being together. That's the whole trip - we still enjoy that, whether it's a Neil Diamond cover or whatever. We still like to get in the jam room.

Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel (also of Sunny Day Real Estate) added:

It's really been pretty consistent over the years. Dave writes the songs, and about half the time he'll do a demo on his own, and the other half of the time he'll come in and just play it on guitar. Then (he) shows it to the band and then we sit around and play it and figure out, you know, what kind of song is it gonna be. Is it a country song? Metal song? You know, what the dynamic is, arrangement, tempo, that kind of stuff. We help him finish it out.

The band released Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace in 2007.