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Classics Of Love, the latest project from former Operation Ivy and Common Rider frontman Jesse Michaels, have announced that their recently announced EP for Asian Man Records, will be released "some time in May".

The band also plan to complete an album and visit new cities this summer in addition to a previously announced visit to the UK, as they commented:

This summer we are going to be focusing on Hellafornia gigs and writing for an eventual album with possible jaunts to Seattle, Pheonix and other not-too-far away places in the mix also. So if you are local or visiting, look for shows around here starting in May and going until whenever. Especially exciting for us is our post-tour/record release show at Gilman which we expect to be a blow out. We are also looking into a Bottom of the Hill gig as well as a make-up show in San Diego, among other things.

The full update from the band can be viewed by clicking here.