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Classics of Love, the new band from Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy and Common Rider, were the unfortunate victims of a theft at their show in Southampton, UK on May 6 when a guitar was apparently stolen from them. The band had this to say about the incident:

"Last night we lost a guitar and believe it was stolen. Obviously we are hoping it was something more innocent but you know how it goes. If you happen to have been to the Southhampton gig at Talking Heads and know anything about this give us a shout so we can try to work it out. If you stole it and give it back we will take it without any recriminations. This is obviously a ridiculous long-shot, but what the hell."

The band also mentions that after their current tour they plan to "start writing an album right away". Their debut EP, Walking in Shadows, will be released by Asian Man Records on June 23, 2009.