Windy City Soundclash schedule posted
by Red Scare

Windy City Soundclash, the forthcoming three day event in Chicago that will feature Toys That Kill, The Falcon, The Bomb, The Copyrights, Banner Pilot, Ryan's Hope, The Arrivals, The Methadones, Sundowner, The Brokedowns, and many others, have announced the schedule for the event.

12:20-??:??Toys That Kill
11:40-12:10The Arrivals
11:00-11:30Sass Dragons
10:20-10:50O Pioneers
9:40-10:10The Dopamines
9:00-9:30Vacation Bible School
8:20-8:50The Neutron Bombs
7:40-8:10The Daniel James Gang
7:00-7:30The International Date Lines
12:00-??:??The Falcon
11:20-11:50Underground Railroad To Candyland
10:40-11:10The Copyrights
10:00-10:30The Sidekicks
9:20-9:50The Brokedowns
8:40-9:10Banner Pilot
8:00-8:30Pretty Boy Thorson
7:20-7:50The Gateway District
6:40-7:10The Strait A's
4:40-5:10John Walsh
12:00-??:??The Methadones
10:20-11:00The Bomb
9:40-10:10Shot Baker
9:00-9:30Dear Landlord
8:20-8:50Ryan's Hope
7:40-8:10Be My Doppelganger
7:00-7:30The Humanoids
6:35-6:50Teen Idols/Mulligan Stu
6:00-6:30Mulligan Stu
5:20-5:50Jetty Boys
4:40-5:10The Scissors
4:00-4:30The Frantic
3:20-3:50The A-Gang
2:40-3:10Tin Armor
2:00-2:30Red Phone Dispatch