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A number of hardcore musicians have teamed up for Bringin' It Back. The show is set for August 16th at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim and will have these musicians covering hardcore classics from the 80s and 90s including songs by Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand. Earth Crisis and Snapcase.

The backing band will include Scott Sprigg (Buried Alive, Stand and Fight, Force of Change), Vadim Taver (This Day Forward, A Life Once Lost) Matt Horwitz - (Adamantium, Mean Season, Monument to Thieves) and Greg Bacon - (Carry On, Betrayed, The First Step, Internal Affairs)

Vocalists will feature Keith Barney (Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, Adamantium, Monument to Thieves), Javier Van Huss (Eighteen Visions, The Mistake), Ray Harkins (Taken, Mikoto), David Richardson (As Hope Dies, Force of Change, Monument to Thieves), Mike Shaw (This Day Forward) and Bo Thompson (Donnybrook, Snake Eyes, Lone Wolf).

For more details including tickets, visit here.