by Razor & Tie

Norma Jean has signed to Razor & Tie Records. They are also planning a 2010 album release. The band will headline the "Explosions 2009" US tour in late November through December. Norma Jean will play their breakthrough album Bless The Martyr and Kiss the Child in its entirety on select dates. This is the band's first headlining trek since the Fall of last year and the lineup will feature Horse The Band, The Chariot and Arsonists Get All The Girls.

Cory Brandan of Norma Jean explained the deal, which comes after a run of albums on [[Solid State Records}}:

If we didn't sign to Razor & Tie, I think we would have gone on a killing spree, with no regard for life or limb. I think for the first time in our career, upon presenting our ideas, we get to hear the word "yes" more often. It's like discovering an unknown tribe on a distant island. Except we're the tribe and we don't know your language. Plus we have spears and swords and we're cannibals. Either way, we're insanely animated about R&T showing up and want to try on their Nike Air Jordans.

The band released The Anti Mother in 2008.