August Burns Red, Bring Me the Horizon, Broadway Calls, Cobra Starship, Fake Problems, Frank Turner, Hit The Lights, I Set My Friends on Fire, LIGHTS, Mayday Parade, Set Your Goals, Taking Back Sunday, The Dangerous Summer, The Swellers and This Providence are among those confirmed for the forthcoming Take Action! compilation's ninth volume. Due out February 9, 2010, the album will feature 35 acoustic and previously unreleased tracks.

Disc One

  1. We The Kings: "PSA*"
  2. We The Kings: "The Middle (Acoustic)*"
  3. Mayday Parade: "The Silence (Hurley Studio Acoustic)*"
  4. There For Tomorrow: "Backbone (Acoustic)*"
  5. A Rocket To The Moon: "Fool Everyone*"
  6. The Ready Set: "Drain Notes*"
  7. We Are The In Crowd: "Never Be What You Want"
  8. Every Avenue: "Picture Perfect"
  9. The Bigger Lights: "Queen Of Broken Hearts"
  10. This Providence: "Keeping On Without You"
  11. The Friday Night Boys: "Permanent Heartbreak (Acoustic)*"
  12. Anarbor: "Passion For Publication (Acoustic)*"
  13. The Dangerous Summer: "Surfaced (Acoustic)"
  14. Hit The Lights: "Liars and Cheats (Acoustic)*"
  15. The Summer Set: "Punch-Drunk Love (Acoustic)"
  16. The Swellers: "Feet First (Acoustic)*"
  17. Frank Turner: "Rock and Roll Romance*"
  18. Fake Problems: "Mr. Rock & Roll (Acoustic)*"

Disc Two

  1. 3OH!3: "Don't Trust Me (Casey Bates Remix)*"
  2. Cobra Starship: "Hot Mess (Innerpartysystem Remix)*"
  3. Let=92s Get It: "Maps (Joey Sturgis Remix)*"
  4. The Secret Handshake: "TGIF"
  5. Lights: "Saviour (Colin Munroe=92s Unsung Mix)"
  6. VersaEmerge: "Whisperer (Brian Southall Remix)*"
  7. Bring Me The Horizon: "Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek One Remix)"
  8. August Burns Red /=A0Indonesia=A0(Alternate Version)"
  9. eatmewhileimhot!: "xXBurritoXx=A0"
  10. I Set My Friends On Fire: "Things That Rhyme With=A0Orange"
  11. Taking Back Sunday: "Swing (Live at Dairy Studios)"
  12. All Time Low: "Poison"
  13. The Downtown Fiction: "I Just Wanna Run"
  14. The Almost: "Birmingham"
  15. Set Your Goals: "The Lost Boys"
  16. Take Notice: "Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen"
  17. Broadway Calls: "Jump At Shadows"