As you have all heard by now, last week Haiti suffered the devastating effects of a high-magnitude earthquake. The impact has been devastating to the country, leaving much of it leveled and the disaster itself has hindered the relief efforts up to this point. Today, Punknews and Paper and Plastick are launching a series of benefit auctions at Vinnie, Thomas, Justin and many others have been working all weekend to secure rare and unique pieces of music and memorabilia to offer up in exchange for what the aid organizations need right now - money. Our hope is to help in whatever way we can. We are extremely excited to see people such as Vinnie F. offer up pieces of their own record collections. You'll see test pressings from bands like Hot Water Music, Fall Out Boy, Pulley, Tim Barry, NOFX, Against Me!, Mike Park, Cute Lepers, Comadre, Foundation, Frank Turner, Cheap Girls, Panic At The Disco, Lifetime, The Stereo, Broadway Calls, The Sandwiches and more. We also are expecting some one of a kind signed items from a few bands you all know in the next week. The auctions will start today and trickle out over the course of the next two weeks. Keep checking back for more. So far, in just the planning stages, the response from what often feels like a large and disconnected community has been amazing. Members of bands large and small have offered up items and several of our day-to-day, regular plain old awesome folks have done the same. Thanks to everyone who's chipped in so far, especially Thomas at LimitedPressing. If you're not into buying something, Kylewilliam of imadethismistake has set up a Paypal account that you can just send money to in order to donate (PUNXFORHAITIRELIEF@GMAIL.COM). Or you can always donate directly to organizations. Google has set up a page where you can do that easily. Take advantage of it. Cathy Pellow and Sargent House artists have also been raising money, you can see more details here: Sargent House says "Help Haiti, Please Donate. There's also a few benefit shows being organized, we'll let you know when there's more details available. If anyone else out there wants to join in, it's not too late. Just email Justin and let him know what's up. Check out the Auction Listings