D.O.A. to release 'Talk - Action = 0' on May 1st

Canadian punk veterans D.O.A. are set to release their new LP on May 1st. The album, which carries the band's classic Talk - Action = 0 slogan as a title, will feature 14 new songs. Looking over the track listing it appears that the band will put their stamp on the Modernettes' "Rebel Kind," the Trashmen's "Surfin' Bird" and Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are-A Changing."

Aggronautix has also unveiled a limited run of 1000 "throbblehead" figures of D.O.A. frontman Joe Shithead Keithley. Aggronautix was behind popular plastic immortalizations of G.G. Allen and Milo of the Descendents.

  1. No! We Won't Give In
  2. I Live In A Car
  3. The R.C.M.P.
  4. Tyrants Turn In Hell
  5. Rebel Kind
  6. They Hate Punk Rock
  7. That's Why I Am An Atheist
  8. Consume! Consume!
  9. Don't Let Your Life
  10. Surfin' Bird
  11. Don't Bank On A Bank
  12. The Times Are-A Changing
  13. Lookin' For A World