by Fearless Music

Bigwig have (re-)posted another rare track. The new addition is the band's take on the Jawbreaker classic, "Ashtray Monument." The song comes from Jawbreaker's last independent release, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy which was released in 1994. Bigwig's cover of the song previously appeared on the 2003 Dying Wish Records compilation, Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute. That compilation also includes Face to Face, Fall Out Boy, Sparta, Kill Your Idols, Nerf Herder and many others.

The reason for the re-posting is so that Bigwig could announce plans to release a remastered version of the song as part of a remastered b-sides compilation expected on vinyl and digital download later in 2010.

Check out the cover on their MySpace page.