Billy Bragg, Anti-Flag, Gogol Bordello, NIN join Arizona Boycott, concerts planned

Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine and One Day as a Lion spoke to Billboard about the increasing number of artists who have signed on to a boycott of Arizona due to the passage of SB 1070 by the state government. Critics say the bill legalizes racial profiling has drawn fierce opposition from people all over the world.

Zach mentioned plans for a series of protest performances:

In the coming weeks we are going to be organizing a series of concerts that are respectful of the nature of the boycott in its attempts to isolate the Arizona government but not isolate the people, and especially the organizations that are fighting this on the ground. Many of us have begun to plan concerts that include bands that have signed on the Sound Strike, and make tickets available so that people within Arizona can come and see these concerts as they roll out. These are things that are being set into motion right now - a series of concerts or maybe even one giant concert in late July

So far, almost 300 artists have signed on to the Arizona boycott including Anti-Flag, Billy Bragg, Gogol Bordello, Kanye West, Michael Moore, My Morning Jacket, Nine Inch Nails, One Day as a Lion, Rage Against The Machine, Rise Against, Sonic Youth, State Radio, Tenacious D, The Coup, Street Sweeper Social Club, Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, Steve Earle, Cypress Hill and many more.