Justin Sane: "Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressives"
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Side One Dummy Music

Justin Sane of Anti-Flag visited Toronto this past week for the controversial G20 demonstrations and recorded a song based on his experiences titled "Solidarity In The Face Of Anti-Progressives." With regards to the protests, Justin explained his feelings on the widely criticized police response to protestors:

Toronto was turned into a police state by the G20, with over a billion dollars spent on "security" or more accurately "oppression measures." As is often the case, the police were incredibly brutal in their attempt to silence dissent by those of us who believe that the G20 summit is anti-democratic and only concerned with maintaining corporate dominance over the world. While the police oppression was unnerving and enraging, seeing people stand up for their rights and fighting for survival of the world was inspiring. More inspiration came from viewing Sounds Like A Revolution in its final cut! It is an incredible film that in the words of the great Micheal Franti, "enrages, enlightens and inspires.

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