Solidarity Records plans "Plea for Peace" compilation
Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Solidarity Recordings

Solidarity Recordings has announced the first in a promised series of benefit compilation, this one benefiting the Plea for Peace foundation. The album will feature 30 songs from the likes of Cobra Skulls, The Brokedowns, RVIVR, The Methadones, Anti-Flag, Vultures United, The Menzingers, Sundowner, The Honor System, Fifteen, The Falcon, O Pioneers!!!, Hanalei and many others.

The album is due out September 28, 2010 and features artwork with your favourite winking political opportunist and rabble rousing mama grizzly who also shoots mama grizzlies.

  1. Know Your Saints - Tremors
  2. Cobra Skulls - Back to the Youth
  3. Four Star Alarm - Degeneration Kids
  4. The Brokedowns - I'm A Ritual
  5. The Atom Age - Look, Watch, and Listen
  6. RVIVR - Life and Death
  7. imadethismistake - Sub-Tropics
  8. The Methadones - Turning Up the Noise
  9. Anti-Flag - No Future
  10. Big Kids - Parents Are Still A Handful
  11. Vultures United - Red Crossed
  12. For The Win - Nineteen O Four
  13. Olehole - Chimps Night Out
  14. Noise By Numbers - Paris In September
  15. The Menzingers - I Was Born
  16. Mike Felumee - My Heart Is Here
  17. The Hot Toddies - Rain or Shine
  18. Ready The Jet - Adoptahighway
  19. Mike Park - Born to Kill
  20. Aspiga - Crooked Teeth
  21. Sundowner - Baseball's Sad Lexicon
  22. Sanawon - Nostalgic
  23. Wayne Arms - Kara's Song
  24. The Honor System - Finding Color In Grey People
  25. The Ghost - Mad Max Was An Amateur
  26. Fifteen - Helter Smelter (Live)
  27. The Falcon - Huffing The Proverbial Line Off The Proverbial Dong Or The Blood And The Frog
  28. O Pioneers!!! - Hey! That's My Blood!
  29. Hanalei - Moth To Flame
  30. Gnarboots - Mike Park/Asian Man Records