Our friend Kris Roe of the Ataris commented on the cynicism displayed by some commenters with regards to the Ataris return to more DIY releases and smaller venues. He makes reference to the band's major label success in the early part of the 2000s with the Sony released So Long, Astoria:

I find it slightly ironic that the same people here who would now criticize me for playing smaller, more intimate DIY dive bars free from all the "Clear Channel / Live Nation" bull shit are likely the same holier-than-thou "i'm more punk than you" kids who criticized my band when we were out playing in front of 2000 kids every night at big souless over priced rock clubs while having hit songs on the radio. I have no interest in pleasing anyone and I write what is true to me. I could care less what anyone expects of me. Punk rock is not a fashion show.

I have never been nor ever will be anyone's puppet. Punk rock is about taking risks and not doing what people expect of you. We have a very giving fan base and are very honored for that, We are still able to travel all over the world playing for great crowds and doing it on MY OWN TERMS, all this while remaining humble and true to what i believe in. So say what you will.

The band released an acoustic street performance of their new song, Graveyard of the Atlantic earlier this month.