Kill Your Idols 7-inch tribute series coming

State of Mind Recordings is planning a 7" tribute series for defunct Long Island hardcore act Kill Your Idols. Titled Epilogue, it will be a four-part series, with the label promising only one pressing per record. Each cover will also provide a section of the band's (nearly-)iconic skull logo, coming together to form the entire picture, while each 7" will also include "something extra" in the packaging.

The first volume promises acts like Backtrack, Bullet Treatment and Rust Belt Lights among others. No word quite yet on when it'll be released

Kill Your Idols broke up in 2007, but not before proving influential to a number of area acts like Crime in Stereo, Scraps and Heart Attacks and Capital.

V/A - Epilogue Vol. 1 7" EP

  1. BACKTRACK "Enjoy The Show"
  2. RUST BELT LIGHTS "Autumn"
  3. SEASICK "Hardcore Circa 99"
  4. BULLET TREATMENT "Can’t Take it Away from me"
  5. OFFSIDES "Cast me Aside"