Dan Vapid and The Cheats prep debut

In an interview with Jaded in Chicago, Dan Vapid revealed some details about his latest project Dan Vapid and The Cheats, including plans for an album; currently, the group expects to enter the studio in October to record their debut, with a release expected in 2012. Vapid also discussed how the project came about in the wake of Screeching Weasel's untimely and infamous demise:

"For about a week and a half after SXSW I had serious doubts if I would ever play again. I had just lost my position with Screeching Weasel, which was my source of income. My wife and I were counting on that income to get us through the year since she wasn't working because we were about to have a baby. Now with that gone my focus was getting a job. Where would I work in a terrible economy? That added pressure, along with the awful embarrassment of being associated with the SXSW fiasco. The endless commentary on Facebook and punk message boards was very overwhelming. I didn't sleep for about ten days. So, I had my doubts. But, people like Mike Byrne and Simon Lamb gave a lot of encouragement to do the show, as did other friends, along with the guys in the former Screeching Weasel lineup. That meant a lot. I also received many emails, phone calls and text messages from people in support. It opened my eyes a little and it helped me get through a very difficult time. When life comes and knocks your ass down you need to get up, shake off the dust and start again. This band symbolizes a fresh perspective and a new chapter for me."

Check out the full interview here. In addition to SW, Vapid had previously spent time in The Methadones and The Riverdales, and is a current member of Noise by Numbers.