Coheed and Cambria
by Sony Music

After losing both a drummer to other projects and a bassist to well, Oxycontin, Coheed and Cambria has re-enlisted the help of former drummer Josh Eppard who left in 2006. Josh posted a statement about rejoining the band:

I regretted not being a part of Coheed from the day they moved on. Although many things were said in the early part of my first years without the band, I think its clear to those who know me that it was the byproduct of anger and disappointment -with myself. Claudio and Travis's (and Mic's) music has always spoke to me in a way that no other music did. I love them both dearly and missed them with all of my heart. After my time in Coheed, I eventually got clean and got real with myself.

With the help of my loved ones I got back on my feet and that meant playing music again. I'd like to extend an enormous debt of gratitude to Fred Masherino who I played with in Terrible Things for the last 2 years. It's no secret that with the damage I had done to my reputation, no one was taking any chances on me. Fred did and I thank him for that. He taught me so much about humility and reminded me of why I play music in the first place.

Last week, the band entered Applehead Studios with Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner to begin work on their sixth studio album.