Following 9 months of inactivity, Brooklyn-based webcast Generic Insight Radio will be releasing two posthumous digital compilations. Host Barrie Cohn had this to say:

Even though GIR came to an end in the summer of 2011, one of my regrets was intending to do a second compilation to follow up the first one from '07 and never getting it fully off the ground. The planning started for it, but several of the bands confirmed either broke up too soon or never followed through with their submissions. Right now, I don't have the funds to release a physical CD or vinyl comp, but with sites like Bandcamp and SoundCloud existing now, it makes these kind of projects much easier than it was five years ago. Also, it is up in the air if GIR Fest will be happening this year. So, why not have this as a temporary replacement?

The Volume 2 set will focus on punk and hardcore bands. Confirmed acts so far include All Teeth, The Reveling, Caleb Lionheart, Verses Narrow (featuring Sal Dell'aquila formerly of LaGrecia), Young Turks (ex-Broadway Calls bassist Matt Koenig) and Half Hearted Hero. It will be available on April 7th.

Volume 3 will feature acoustic, indie and rock acts including Oscar Albis Rodriguez (ex-Nakatomi Plaza), The Ghostwrite, Luther, and More Than Skies (featuring Adam of Sleep Bellum Sonno). Look for it on April 10th.

Both comps will be available at BandCamp and will be promoted at the associated Facebook page. We reviewed the first volume when it came out.