Frank Turner

Yesterday, at Scotland's T in the Park Festival, Frank Turner sounded off on his Twitter account about Nicki Minaj's alleged "rude attitude" towards the crew of the festival. Another account, mentions she was 55 minutes late to perform. Turner's tweet started a firestorm from Minaj's fanbase. All this hoopla has led to Turner dedicating an entire blog post to the incident today.

Running a festival is a logistical nightmare; it takes a lot of people an awful lot of time to make sure everything runs even vaguely smoothly. If there's one person in the midst of this who has a pretty easy, highly paid job (show up, mime, go home) who refuses to do this, and thereby fucks up the day of all the hard-working, sleep-deprived, exhausted, under-appreciated festival crew, well, that pisses me off. It means everyone has to do a ton more work just to make sure that the people at the festival and all the other bands don't have their day ruined.

For some reason, doing this when you're holding a microphone makes you "artistic", "difficult" or maybe a "Diva". In any other walk of life it's called being rude, selfish and inconsiderate

You can read Turner's whole post here. According to Minaj's own Twitter feed she wasn't feeling well before her performance at the festival.

Meanwhile, in another, decidedly more upbeat, corner of the punk rock multiverse, Spoonboy, ONSIND, and Erica and Kevin from RVIVR were sitting round a kitchen table wearing silly glasses, covering Nicki Minaj's hit single "Starships".