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In separate comments to Metalsucks and New York Natives, former bandmates John Joseph and Harley Flanagan have been trading barbs with radically different accounts of the incident which led to the stabbings of two men in New York.

On Friday, Flanagan claims he was invited to the dressing room, where he was jumped by a group of men. Joseph responded:

[Flanegan has] told people that I was in the dressing room when it all went down, making it look like I set him up, when a thousand people saw me on stage ready to play. As we were on stage about to go on, he was asked by [stabbing victim] Mike Couls to come in the dressing room. When Harley was grabbed to be searched for weapons, the fight ensued and those three took him down, [then] he pulled a knife and began stabbing people. He was told not to come, he showed up right before we went on, he made threats, and then he stabbed people.

In related news, the recently launched campaign to raise $50,000 has been hidden from the fundraising site.