Laura Jane Grace
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Warner Music Group

In a far more detailed piece than we've seen before, Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace talked to the UK's Guardian about gender dysphoria, transitioning and what's next for Against Me!. The lengthy piece talks about the dawning self-acceptance:

It's a feeling of great existential dread. Peripherally, being aware of the way you are in your body and feeling cognisant of the fact that I'm male – like looking down and seeing male features – and feeling, internally, 'but I'm not'. You feel a detachment, and you feel hyper-aware of everything that's around you. Then, at the same time, you feel extreme feelings of shame and guilt and confusion, so that all works into a nice little cocktail in your head. When you're in a punk band you're framed as an angry white male. That's you: angry; white; male. And you're screaming at the top of your lungs, and you're angry about this and that." Which, in one way, suited her. "But you become a parody in some ways, and the more and more I saw that, the more and more frustrated I felt."

Laura talks about revealing the news to family and her brother specifically:

It was really casual. I don't know if he necessarily even got it, really. I was like, 'So I'm a transsexual and this is what's happening', and he was like, 'OK, whatever you say, I love you; you're my brother. It's like: 'Well, but actually I'm telling you I'm your sister, so you're going to have to flip that around; you just got to rewire the way you're thinking about me.. But at the same time, I appreciate his earnestness."

Read the entire interview here.