Shepard Fairey, Wayne Kramer of MC5 talk Jail Guitar Doors USA
by Politics

Artist Shepard Fairey and musician Wayne Kramer of the MC5 have joined together to kick off Jail Guitar Doors USA. The charity appears to be an offshoot of the organization which was kicked off in the UK by Billy Bragg in mid 2007. Like it's British counterpart, the US charity aims to provide musical instruments for rehabilitation work in prisons.

The charity, which took it's name from The Clash song on 1997's The Clash, also includes the man who wrote the song, having previously involved Mick Jones himself for the UK initiative. In a two part video, the two talk about their collaboration, as well as the more personal stake that Kramer has in the charity, considering he is mentioned in the lyrics for the original song and did spend two years in prison in the 1970s.