Green Day

Green Day has released the track listing for the second of their album trilogy. Titled ¡Dos!, the record is due out November 13, 2012 and was described as "garage-y, Nuggets-type rock.

In related news, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has indicated that he is out of rehab via his Instagram. The singer checked himself in after an outburst during a Festival performance. The band released ¡Uno! shortly after that.


  1. See You Tonight
  2. Fuck Time
  3. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
  4. Lazy Bones
  5. Wild One
  6. Makeout Party
  7. Stray Heart
  8. Ashley
  9. Baby Eyes
  10. Lady Cobra
  11. Nightlife
  12. Wow! That’s Loud
  13. Amy