Hot Snakes
Contributed by IllaZilla, Posted by Swami Music

John Reis of Swami Records has posted four instrumental demo tracks from the formative days of his band Hot Snakes, featuring just Reis and drummer Jason Kourkounis. He writes:

Here are 4 leftover instros from the Auto Midnight recording session before there was even a Hot Snakes. It's just me and Jason. We recorded 18 songs in 3 days, sent off the songs to Rick who then picked his faves and then later sang on them. Those finished songs constituted the first record with a couple later ending up on Suicide Invoice. So these are the left over, leftovers in unmixed form. None of these unfinished ideas match the released songs and these tunes are sorely missing Rick's contributions, so don't listen too closely. Since I am likely to lose/break the DAT that they are on or will soon be unable to play it, I thought I would share.

You can check out the demos here.