The Thermals

The Thermals have released a lyric video for the track, "Born to Kill", the opening track from their forthcoming Saddle Creek Records debut, Desperate Ground. Lead singer, Hutch Harris, describes the motive behind "Born to Kill":

To me, the whole journey of the record was more about someone learning to deal with the harsh reality around them. I wanted to start with someone who was fighting for freedom and fighting for their family, someone who doesn't enjoy killing but is doing it because it's necessary. Ultimately, that character realizes, "Oh I was born to kill, I was made to do this. It's what I'm good at.' Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorite movies, and [Joker] has two pins: one's a peace sign and there other says 'Born to Kill'.

Desperate Ground is due out April 16, 2013. The Thermals will be heading out on tour in March.