Rx Bandits

In addition to their previously announced tenth anniversary tour for 2003's The Resignation, Rx Bandits will be releasing a new five song covers EP.

Four of the songs will be released for free - one per week beginning June 3rd leading up to the tour commencement - with the fifth being exclusive to a limited edition CD version that will be available for purchase at the shows. Covers include songs by Weezer, The Police, Blonde Redhead, Fugazi and King Crimson.

  1. "Can’t Stand Losing You" (original by The Police) free to fans on June 3rd
  2. "Falling Man" (original by Blonde Redhead) free to fans on June 10th
  3. "Surf Wax America" (original by Weezer) free to fans on June 17th
  4. "Cashout" (original by Fugazi) free to fans on June 24th
  5. "21st Century Schizoid Man" (original by King Crimson) exclusive to CD