Nothington / Downtown Struts; 'Brick and Mortar and Love'

Really looking forward to the weekend, you guys.

First, we have a review of the new split 7-inch from Nothington and The Downtown Struts by reader CoolHand:

As a band with two lead singers, Nothington have a great dynamic going. Rather than trading off lead vocal duties on tracks, Northington and Matulich trade off lines within the verse. It's something they've been doing more of lately and their voices complement each other well. "Solid Ground" is as catchy as anything they've ever done and is proof that there's no sign of this band slowing down.

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Then, John Gentile talks about the Brick and Mortar and Love documentary:

The value in the documentary is that it raises the question: How much of a duty does a community have to keep local stores in business? Is the onus on the consumer to sacrifice his or her own money to keep these businesses afloat, or is the burden on the business itself to compete and adapt or get out of the arena?

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