Ramming Speed

It's an inadvertent Metal Monday here at the 'Org reviews section!

First, reader wallofyouth takes a look at the new full-length from Ramming Speed, Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die:

There's thrashing, grinding, and new waving of the heavy British sort in these thirteen songs: D-beats, blast beats, crusty hardcore, galloping power metal, and so on. Even a somber acoustic guitar introduces "Hollow Giants." Don't worry, that only lasts a few seconds, just like any other moment on this record you might expect to be able to hang your hat on

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Then, Joe Pelone dives into the new release from Vattnet Viskar (which sorta sounds like the name of that one guy on Metalocalypse), Sky Swallower:

Black metal is no stranger to hybrids, but it's striking that the bands Vattnet Viskar most resemble aesthetically have little to do with the genre. The passionate quiet/loud dynamics recall screamo act Envy, especially now that Vattnet Viskar have embraced breakdowns.

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