Devon Kay and the Solutions

Happy October! Looking forward to anything this month?

Today's first new review is from Rich Cocksedge, who took a shine to Devon Kay and the Solutions' Losing It:

The success of Devon Kay and the Solutions' ability to reel me in is twofold: firstly, the band don't seem to be trying too hard to produce an amusing record, and secondly, they have a knack for writing good tunes that are almost impossible to ignore. If that wasn't enough, Losing It is a long way from being a one trick pony anyway, with a variety of song structures and styles in its dozen tracks.

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Then, Renaldo Matadeen takes a look at Enemies' new LP Embark, Embrace:

"Executive Cut" and "Unit Shifter" offer that ambient atmosphere on which Enemies pride themselves, with intricate pickings and hard riffs that convalesce at just the right times. The rhythm and melody bobbles in between rock, electronic and pop but the cracking drums drive the tracks home amid scattered vocals, which I must emphasize, are minimal, and allow exploration of their musical scope.

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