Fall Out Boy talks upcoming "punk/hardcore" release
Contributed by alex101, Posted by Island

Fall Out Boy has posted an update on their recently announced EP titled Pax•AM Days. As originally noted, the record was produced by Ryan Adams and promises a more "punk/hardcore"-influenced sound than the band has shown over their past few releases. The band is describing the release as more of a "mixtape" saying:

Pax•Am Days isn't a new album, it's a collection of songs we did for fun with Ryan Adams. It's us letting out some demons; our mixtape. It was strange, because we weren't sure how it was going to be released, but know that we have made some new fans -- and younger fans -- with the release of Save Rock and Roll in 2013, and rather than blowing them off, we figured it might be cool to let 'em check out some vinyl and show 'em some of the bands and music we grew up on

It's due out October 15, 2013.