Bad Religion

Have a wonderful weekend, those of you reading this instead of being at Fest.

Today's first review is from yours truly and is of Bad Religion's Christmas Songs:

Still, if there were ever a punk band fit to cover songs of this style, it's Bad Religion; that much is immediately apparent as the expertly harmonized, a capella intro of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" kicks off Christmas Songs. And man, who ever thought the band's patented oozin' aahs would be used for such sorcery like on "O Come All Ye Faithful!" It's musically very impressive, but elicits a very odd feeling.

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Then, Rich Cocksedge talks up the new LP from Woahnows, The Joy Disorder:

Overall, The Joy Disorder marks a step forward for a band that I'd already taken to heart and which seems to diminish that acquaintance. As a piece of work the five tracks flow nicely into each other, even with the jump from "Karuna" to "The Joy Disorder" being a noticeable change. For a trio, they deliver quite a big sound, and here's a band where the sing-along moments are eagerly awaited at gigs, and met with raised glasses and hoarse voices in accompaniment.

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