The Misfits

Our first new review today is from reader strumz, who had some thoughts on The Infested's Eaten From The Inside:

The musicianship is equally tight, with intricate guitar melodies woven into steady drum machine beats, and a couple acoustic instruments thrown into the mix on certain tracks. Ska elements are of course still present, with songs such as "Anti-Choice," "Deficit (Our Generation)" and "Demon" perpetuating the crack rock steady feel pioneered by CV and LöC.

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Then, John Gentile gave the new Misfits single Descending Angel a listen:

The new Misfits single demonstrates what's right about Misfits Mark III. True, the a-side, "Descending Angel" is just a re-cut of a song originally from Famous Monsters, but the new version shows the core strength of all three members.

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