Benny Horowitz (Gaslight Anthem), Mike Park (Asian Man Records), Erica Freas (RVIVR)

Brillo Anne in her Maker's Mark santa hat is pleased to present the very last edition of the guest Best of 2014 lists. (Editor's Note: Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them because it takes a whole lot of coding and I’m not very good/fast at coding! - KW) In this last post for 2014, Brillo is bringing you lists from Benny Horowitz (Gaslight Anthem), Mike Park (Asian Man Records), and Erica Freas (RVIVR). Enjoy!


Benny Horowitz (Gaslight Anthem)

In no particular order .

Beck: Morning Phases


Cormega: Mega Philosophy


Gates: Bloom and Breathe

Pure Noise Records

The War On Drugs: Lost in the Dream

Secretly Canadian

Trash Talk: No Peace

Odd Future

Tim Barry: Lost and Rootless


Mike Park (Asian Man Records)

Mike Park


Hard Girls: A Thousand Surfaces

Asian Man Records

Yeah, I know this is an Asian Man release, but heck. This is the best record of 2014.


The Smith Street Band: Throw Me In The River

Poison City / SideOneDummy

This band is so darn good. They have funny accents and I think they smoke tons of herb (is that what Aussies call it?).


Joyce Manor: Never Hungover Again

Epitaph Records

Unbelievable record. So good. On repeat a ton. They are good people too which is a bonus!!


Hank Richardson: Stuck Lonesome

Hank Richardson: Stuck Lonesome

The next coming of Jonathon Richmond.


Walter Mitty & His Makeshift Orchestra: Well Soon

Lauren Records

Was turned on to this band by Bob from Shinobu. Now I can't stop listening.


Andrew Jackson Jihad: Christmas Island

Side One Dummy

What can I say about this band. Their music continues to rule and evolve. This album delves into a classic indie record with hints of the Mountain Goats.


Diners: Always Room


From PHX, I should have put out this record. I blew it! Think 50's doo wop and slayer (just kidding about Slayer).


Cayetana: Nervous Like Me

Tiny Engines

The amount of good stuff coming from Philly continues with this band. I have a hard time describing their sound. It's an indie feel, but they punk as fuck and Allegra is the best!!


Antarctigo Vespucci: I'm So Tethered EP

Quote Unquote

Chris Farren and Jeff Rosenstock playing music. The results? Wonderful.


Shinobu: 10 Thermidor

Really Records

Technically this album comes out next year, but I've been listening to it for the last six months. Don't know Shinobu? Features Mike H from Hard Girls and Matt Keegan from BTMI. Great indie punk stuff.

Erica Freas (RVIVR)

Image Excuse me, I don't believe I've ever done a YEAR END TOP TEN and I only said yes because Kira asked me and I like her. Thank you and enjoy! Here, in no particular order, are my TOP TEN PUNK MUSIC THINGS of 2014.


Martha: Courting Strong

Fortuna Pop

I love these Durham freaks. They write such clever, cutting, catchy shit.

Mirah: Changing Light

Absolute Magnitude

"Radiomind" - Come on, that song is so fucking gorgeous.

Sia: 1,000 Forms of Fear

Monkey Puzzle/RCA

She's nearly 40, she's queer, she writes Top 40 hits for the Big Names of the Music Industry and then puts out this solo shit that's so weird and jazzy/poppy/super-produced singer-songwriter-y. Some of my friends HATE this. I love her.

Spoonboy/Colour Me Wednesday: Split LP

Lauren Records

"The Dispossessed" I'm pissed! Obsessed! I can't hear this song too many times.

Divers: Hello Hello


…coming in 2015 but I've been listening to it nonstop since like March. It's so fucking good.

Personal Best : The Lovin' EP

Specialist Subject Records

Especially "Don't Let Them Touch You," Katie unleashed a lion with that one, geez.


  • WINTER (Christchurch, NZ) live at Tommy Chang's bar in Lyttleton, NZ with no mic and Angela screaming into the air above their amps and drums
  • CHAPSTICK live at Pangea House in Minot, ND - It was their last show and we got to watch Minot's entire tiny scene come out to support and mourn the end of one of the few (only?) punk bands in town, at that time, that was made up of all women.
  • POOR FORM live at the Astoria Pub in Vancouver, BC - The room looked like a music video cliche of a punk show with a rain of beer cans pinging off the band while they slayed on un-phased. (Please don't do this in general.) Plus they rule. Plus those cheap beers were like $10 each cuz Canada. Plus the dance-party after-party with Ryan from Delay. Perfect night.
  • David Combs' vocal tracking dance while recording SOMNIA which I'm watching while I write this.