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Canada's The Fullblast formed in 2000, spent 6 years touring relentlessly and abruptly called it quits in 2006. Fast forward to 2016, they have announced they are back. A hometown reunion show in Toronto a few years back which was meant as a chance for a group of friends to have a little bit of fun became the jumping point in writing new material. The band is set to release a new 5 new mind-blowing tracks in an EP titled Attack.Sustain.Decay on February 24th. The EP marks their return to true form with strong vocal melodies and their speedy melodic punk riffs, picking up exactly where they left off. The EP was recorded with Derek Hoffman at Fox Sounds in Toronto. The band previously released Contagious Movement Theory in 2004 and Short Controlled Bursts in 2005.

We are thrilled to bring to you a Punknews exclusive stream of their first track off of the new EP titled "Redemption". The lyrics of "Redemption" addresses what pulled the band apart 10 years ago and what got them back together.

Track listing:
1) Shame
2) Redemption
3) Brothers
4) Stay
5) Amore