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Today, we are thrilled to bring to you another Punknews Exclusive premiere of Floridian punks Protagonist 3rd and final song from their The Chronicle Sessions. The track is called "Reasoning with Time" and it will be available digitally on October 11th and for purchase through their Bandcamp page. See below to check out the track and a quote from the band.

Perhaps this song sounds familiar. You’re right. “Reasoning with Time,” is a track from our 2006 EP of the same name. We re-recorded “Reasoning with Time,” during The Chronicle sessions. While we were happy with the 2006 version, we thought that perhaps we’d put it on the LP thinking it would fit in with the songs that eventually became The Chronicle. We quickly realized that this would not be the case; and for good reason, it doesn’t fit, but we always liked the take. “RWT” was a long-time live staple. Unlike its siblings that we released in July and September, “RWT” was written with the rest of The Chronicle songs. In a roundabout way, it now can be reunited with its siblings.