Omnigone, which is the collective headed by Adam Davis of Link 80 and Gnarboots, is recording new material. He stated on social media: "There was a period of time where [bassist Barry Krippene] would try to order a burrito at whatever place we were eating at. We’d all order whatever was on the menu, & then he would ask if he could get a burrito. I’m still not sure if he was being sincere or putting them on. Anyhow, here’s a picture of Barry waiting to get rolling in the studio. I’m really stoked on the new batch of songs. Can’t wait for y’all to hear them." Earlier, Davis stated: "Spent the day at @districtrecording, tracked guitar, bass & drums for twelve new songs. Most of the songs were written by Baz. the songs were written in span of time between 12 years ago & yesterday. Literally, one of them was written yesterday, & another was written in 2008. It felt really amazing to record all of these songs today with good friends, at a studio that feels like home. Good times."

Omnigone released No Faith in 2019/