The ExBats to release "Hercules" 12-inch single

The Exbats stated they will release a 12-inch single of their track "Hercules." This version of the song is re-recorded and different than the one heard on E is 4 ExBats from 2019. The release is expected to contain unreleased material on the b-side and is will be out this Fall.

The band stated: "Our record label folded and with it went many of our videos, which is a little sad, but it gives us a nice chance to repost some stuff to our YouTube channel. Like the original Hercules video. In related news: we recently re-recorded Hercules all fancy-like with lots of ambition and big new sounds. This will be coming out this fall as a 12” single (with cool surprise bonus materials) it’s been mastered and the cover looks real boss. Such a fun song!"

Their last album was Kicks, Hits, & Fits from this year.