Check out these cool new bands in 2022!
by Editors' Picks

It is June which means we are halfway through 2022 and it is time for Cool New Bands at Punknews! The amazing Punknews writers have banded together to tell you about some of the best new bands out there right now. As always this is by no means a definitive list of new bands, this is a list of bands that Punknews contributors think rock.

Feel free to post new bands that you are listening to now in the comment section. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more new bands as the year goes on. Read on and fill your ears will the sweet, sweet sounds of new music!

Photo Credit: Tony Bock

Tits Up

Liverpool, UK Image

Liverpool based Tits Up are bringing the joy, rage, and cool back to punk rock. On their debut EP Greatest Tits the trio kick out excellent garage punk songs full of insanely catchy choruses that will have you singing along in no time, incredible musicianship, and lyrics that are at turns angry, heartfelt, and humourous. “Get Ya On” is a fun, driving garage rock ode to horniess while “Macho Bullshit” puts the patriarchy in its place with a blast of raw punk power. “Birthday Party” is rage incarnate as Tit’s Up rip into the person who wronged them, telling the jerk in no uncertain terms that they are no longer invited to their birthday party and instead inviting them to “please fuck off”. Tits Up also has a cool cow mascot named “Moona Lisa” who is indeed, tits up. What’s not to like? - Em Moore

The Sad Tomorrows

Monmouth, NJ Image

If you haven’t heard of The Sad Tomorrows yet (where have you been?!), the band is a fusion of members of prominent New Jersey bands The Ergs, Night Birds, Hunchback, and Nervous Triggers. Interestingly, the band members veered away from their respective punk sounds and went purely power-pop for their very first release. The self-titled EP is a pleasant surprise that stands out from many of the other releases that have come out this year – jangly guitars and hard-hitting drums with gentler, melodic vocals. Now all that’s left is for this wonderfully unique EP is for it to get the vinyl pressing that it deserves. - Ricky Frankel


Brooklyn, NY Image

Brooklyn, NY's Hüstler play an echoey, ugly punk/deathrock/metal hybrid that reminds me of a bunch of stuff that is approaching 40 years old, but the combination feels like something new and exciting. Combine the unhinged vocals and song structures of Die Kreuzen's first LP, some Corrosion of Conformity Animosity-era crossover basslines, and a touch of Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain-flavored goth blasphemy and you're getting there. Don't be deterred if all of this sounds like it's taking itself too seriously, because you could definitely dance or mosh or burn down a church or something to most of this stuff. The divebomb and "stick out your tongue and say…" lyric on "Putrify" is one of those song moments that kicks so much ass I couldn't help but smirk the first time I heard it. They released two cassettes in 2021. The first was great, the second was even better, and Sorry State has now issued the songs from both tapes on an LP. Can't wait to see what these ghouls have up their fishnet sleeves next. -BP


Philadelphia, PA Image

Springing out of the high speed, futuro punk of Dark Web, Mesh play… high speed, futuro punk… and it’s really good. The band has snappy, high strung riffs and paranoid lyrics, which really, is all you need from a punk band. “CIA Mind Control” is about how the CIA reads your mind and then controls your body. Despite the sardonic lyrics, every black tale here is delivered with a cold, clinical efficiency. They might be singing about the blackness of the upcoming years, but it’s so zippy that I’ll be skanking into 2023 with a smile on my face, all while the world burns.- John Gentile

Rude Girl Revue

East Coast USA, Pan-National Image

The Scotch Bonnets. The Hub City Stompers. Stop The Presses. Catbite. Half Past Two. The Soul Radics. If it sounds like I’m describing a whole ass ska festival featuring female identifying musicians, you are partially right - but what I’m actually describing is the all girl,12 member (and counting) all star band Rude Girl Revue. Originally conceived of Jenny Whiskey from The Hub City Stompers and Kristen aka Boss Lady Hatchet of The Scotch Bonnets’ desire to work together all the way back in 2018, the idea was, oddly enough, revived during a pandemic quarantine baking group conversation on Zoom attended by many womxn in the ska scene. Even more oddly enough, it took the dedication and organizing of Tara, host of The Checkered Cast Ska Podcast and the only member of RGR who is and was not currently in a band, to fully connect the dots and make Rude Girl Revue a living breathing organism with help from Jenny, Kristen, and Lindsay from VA ska punk outfit Thirteen Towers. Performing their first live gig at the 2021 Supernova Ska Festival, Rude Girl Revue boasted an impressive 16 members on stage, which has now narrowed down to 12 core members, with about half a dozen or so other contributing members from all over the nation. Besides making a space to create music with each other, Rude Girl Revue stresses the importance of representation, as most grew up watching only a single woman (if any) in the popular ska bands they listened to, and have discovered the incredible power of joining forces via collaboration. Rude Girl Revue just played their first show at Gramercy Theater in New York City opening for Big D and the Kids Table and will be headed overseas in the fall for a string of shows in London and the U.K. Rose Eden

Lucía y los Alfileres

Mexico City, MX Image

Mexico City based punks Lucía y los Alfileres (made up of Alice Bag, Angy Camacho, and Violet Hinojosa and Sara Norman of hardcore punk band Soga) are filled with undeniable punk spirit just like their namesake, the political activist and anarchist Lucía Norman. The band play as if they’ve been together for years and they blend elements of first wave punk and hardcore together in a way that captures their ferocity perfectly. Their singles “Chicas Que Se Portan Mal” and “Pequeños Esqueletos” are both chock full of urgent group vocals, incredibly infectious melodies, killer keyboard work, and compelling songwriting that tackles the societal roles assigned to women and the exploitation of workers. You’d better watch out for Lucía y los Alfileres because whatever they release next might just end up taking over the world. - Em Moore

Fail Together

Prague, Czech Republic Image

Hailing from Prague, Fail Together released their first single earlier this year. Their music is heavily influenced by the folk side of folk-punk. You can hear the influence of household names in folk-punk homes such as Defiance Ohio, Harley Poe, and This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. Vocally, the band brings to mind early Chumbawamba, Crass, and the aforementioned bands. With lyrics that delve into the social, without fully sliding into political sloganeering; Fail Together will hopefully stick around for several years and give us more great music.- Jonathan Gallienne

Crisis Actor

Los Angeles, CA Image

LA’s Crisis Actor were slowly dripping out singles throughout 2021. It wasn’t until this February that the band released their debut full-length, False Flag. The ten-track release is filled with politically aware lyrics and intricate instrumentation. It’s very clear that the band’s influences stem from early west coast hardcore and perhaps some new wave as well. But what really brings it all together is the band’s infusion of their own updated takes on these sub-genres. And with song titles like “Feed Me Drugs,” and hell… even the band’s name alone, it looks like Crisis Actor is setting the stage to provoke all of the right reactions from all of the right people. - Ricky Frankel

Ghost Party

St Louis, MO Image

The pandemic brought together this collective of three pop-punk scene veterans. Teflon Dave (Horror Section), Classic Pat (the Putz) and Billy Putz (the Putz) make up Ghost Party. This band fully encompasses the classic Lookout-era sound along with contemporary Ramonescore vibes. Lyrically, the band tackles topics such as watching movies, drinking beer and hanging out. Their demo tape consists of seven tunes complete with tasty guitar leads and backing vocals. Teflon Dave’s vocal style is extremely unique and reminiscent of Dr Frank. Recommended tracks are “Know It All”, “This Is Why I Drink” and “Let’s Go Back”. -Jason Baygood

Book Buddies

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Image

Nova Scotia’s Book Buddies, made up of Becca Dalley, Anna Cannings, Andrew O'Toole, and AJ Boutilier, take you on a journey with every song they put out. The indie rockers draw you in with their potent blend of math rock, punk, alternative rock, and indie pop that envelops you from the first note and refuses to let go until the very end. Whether they are singing about their love for an old car on “Neon” or criticizing social media on “Dream Girl”, you can bet that they are doing it with amazing lyrics, a bunch of heart, and melodies that will have you singing along in no time. Book Buddies are an unstoppable force and listening to them will soon become part of your daily routine. What are you waiting for? Start listening today! -Em Moore


Doylestown, PA Image

Listen man, I don’t even need to tell you about Froggy- they are ALREADY just straight up killing the scene. The trio kicks out punk that jumps between classic, three chord Dangerhouse wrecking and ‘90s grunge sadness. Plus, they are really, really, really, really funny. Plus, they have a video about how great 7-11 nachos are. Plus, they have their own soda. Plus, I’ve seen them completely blow away a gaggle of crust punks under a bridge and a bunch of preppy prep preps on top of a firehouse. That’s how much their music speaks to the universal psyche. THIS is the band of the future. Get hip to it, junior.- John Gentile

Big Baby

Pittsburgh, PA Image

Their name is kind of annoying, the title of their 2022 release mentions both a record and a cassette tape despite the fact that I can't find evidence of either of those things actually existing (yet?), and the cover art is the kind of shitty that makes me feel like they might be making fun of me for caring about any of this. The songs and recording and performance though are the best kind of garage punk trash, full of hooks but always sounding like they're just about to fall apart. Think about the parts you like about the Angry Samoans without the parts you don't like, or maybe the Zodiac Killers or Out With a Bang or a bunch of other early-mid 00's bands I'm not sure if anyone besides me ever thinks about anymore. Or maybe don't think at all, and just put on Big Baby's Big Fuckin' Record. -BP

Suzi Moon

Baltimore, MD Image

I wrote a very favorable review of Suzi Moon’s second EP ( 8/10 , fyi) and went to see the band live cuz I liked it so much. At the show, I introduced myself and Suzi Moon herself immediately chewed me out over the POSITIVE review. She said I interpreted all the lyrics wrong. (To be fair, I did. I was waaaay off). I point this out because while everyone talks about how much the Suzi Moon band rocks (they really do) and how good the songs are (they really are), people kind of forget that this band can also be REALLY dangerous (all the best ones are). At one show, I saw Suzi Smash a glass bottle on her guitar and then KNEEL DOWN IN THE GLASS. And as I just stated, the band had no qualms about pulling the dagger on me even though I really liked the record. All of that is to say, this band is basically the best kind of LA influenced punk band- perfect riffs, great songs, and some actual danger (maybe somewhere between Darby and Alice Bag). Oh, also, “Gold Record Autograph” is one of the best songs I heard this year even though it could easily pass as a Cheap Trick song… in fact, Cheap Trick should offer to buy the tune from Suzi for a cool hundred thou as Cheap Trick needs the fire… The SMB has plenty to go around. -John Gentile


Vancouver, BC Image

Vancouver based hardcore punks Nasdaq are a force to be reckoned with. So far the band has released two unmastered songs and both of them will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the pit. Nasdaq explodes with chaotic instrumentation, frenzied vocals, and pure noise, creating a whirlwind of sound that you cannot escape. The sheer sonic anarchy that they are able to generate in only two songs is unbelievable and I can’t wait to see what the band are going to do next. Nasdaq are meant to be played LOUD so turn it on, turn it up, and start a mosh pit with your pets. Just go absolutely fucking nuts. - Em Moore

Belly Jelly

Indiana Image

You know synth-punk is sooooooo good. It’s so good that a bunch of synth-punk bands have formed in the past few years and a lot of them are kind of one-note and they are making the genre not soooooo good. And then along comes Belly Jelly, the synth-punk saviours. This album is sooooo good. It’s high energy punk with the synth action, but it’s wild and wacky and original. It’s funny and scary and it’s the kind of music that just electrifies my mind. This music is like sticking a fork in an electric socket, but in a good way.-John Gentile

Stress Positions

Chicago, IL Image

We haven’t heard much from C.H.E.W. since the band members announced their break up last year. But seemingly out of nowhere, I got an email in mid-May via C.H.E.W.’s Bandcamp page that read, “C.H.E.W. lives again in a new band. You thump your bible, talk about your John 3:16. Well, C.H.E.W. 3:16 says Walang Hiya!” So I guess that means the members of the band have sprung back into action, but with an entirely new project called Stress Positions, and they have brought a six-track release titled Walang Hiya with them. The band’s new sound brings C.H.E.W.’s abrasive take on hardcore punk with a bit more of a metal and thrash twist. If you like what C.H.E.W. brought to the table, you will undoubtedly like what Stress Positions has in store for your ears. - Ricky Frankel

Sham Family

Toronto, ON Image

Toronto based punk band Sham Family are the real deal. The four-piece kick out all sorts of punk rock goodness on their self-titled EP. They tackle police brutality with barely contained rage on post-punk influenced “This Blue Mob”, vigorously attack capitalism with biting lyrics on the incredibly catchy “Plaque Protection”, and blend together noise rock, grunge, and goth into the epic 7-minute “Spitting Image”. Come for the driving bass lines, thought-provoking lyrics, and wonderful musicianship and be prepared to have “Plaque Protection” going through your head for about a week. Don’t be a sucker, listen to Sham Family right now! -Em Moore

Delco MF’s

Delco, PA Image

Their debut EP is 5 songs and runs 4 minutes, 55 seconds. Swiss Farms is on the EP cover. It’s a Delco thing. You wouldn’t understand.- John Gentile


Baltimore, MD Image

Baltimore hardcore punks Jivebomb are filled with indomitable spirit and pure rage that is just waiting to erupt. The band attack their instruments with gusto and scream their ferocious lyrics in a way that feels like their lives depend on getting them out there. Six tracks of pure hardcore punk perfection await you on their EP JVBM. You will scream along, you will feel the urge to smash something, you will turn into the Tasmanian Devil, and you will feel like you can take on the world. Jivebomb absolutely DESTROY and I can’t wait to see what their future holds. -Em Moore

Vixen 77

Philadelphia, PA Vixen77

This band rocks. I don’t just mean that they “rock,” I mean this band FRIKKIN ROCKS, baby! The riffs are just perfect raw, ragged, wild punk rock smashing. They’ve got songs about heartbreak and songs about beating the shit out of nazis. Ironically, while the band name references punk’s early years, the music is all about living in the ‘22. And finally, they’ve got an album on the way. If the lead single is any indication, this band will put out one of the most smashingest smashers of the year. - John Gentile

La Sécurité

Montreal, QC Image

Some of the most exciting punk bands have come out of Montreal in recent years and La Sécurité continues this trend in grand style. The band is made up of members who have been in Choses Sauvages, Laurence-Anne, Vanille, Jesuslesfilles and Punk Explosion and when they come together you’d better hold onto your hats. The band combines elements of early punk rock, post-punk, disco, and synth-punk together to create a sonic tornado that will lift you up and have you dancing in no time. With compelling lyrics sung in both English and French, fuzzy guitars, and synths that don’t quit, it is impossible to stop listening - just try to get “Suspens” out of your head. There is no denying the force that is La Sécurité, lace up your dancing shoes and press play at once. -Em Moore

Poison Ruin

Philadelphia, PA Image

OoOoOoOohhh what do we have here? A little bit o’ d-beat punk, a little bit o’ the ol’ English postte-punke, a splash o’ goth, and some nice Crusades-era imagery. Here’s a band made for Yours Truly. This band is spooky and cold and they make me feel like I’m in the future and the past all at once. Never has the age of the plague sounded so menacing… and so exciting. I mean, not to address the band only on superficial levels, as I’m sure all the songs about depression and corporate blackness really do come from the soul, but while these tunes are scary and I think you’re supposed to stand around looking depressed while watching them, I just love listenin’ to them! I don’t think it’s supposed to be this fun, but it is! -John Gentile