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Florida based Swamp Cabbage Records and Brooklyn based punk band Up For Nothing have announced the full release of the Under Covered compilation. The comp will feature covers of Beastie Boys "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" by Cover Your Idols, Twisted Sister's "I Am Me" by Higher Giant, Violent Society's "Totally Fucked" by Protagonist, Kid Dynamite's "Showoff / Sweet Shop Syndicate" by After The Fall and much more. You can see below to stream the release or click here to listen through bandcamp.

Track Listing:
1) Cover Your Idols - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Beastie Boys) *Featuring Mark from Lamb of God
2) Higher Giant - I Am Me (Twisted Sister) *Members of Kid Dynamite/The Lillingtons/Token Entry/GreyArea
3) Protagonist - Totally Fucked (Violent Society)
4) After the Fall - Showoff / Sweet Shop Syndicate (Kid Dynamite)
5) Vicious Dreams - Strutter (Kiss)
6) Up For Nothing - Reminder (GreyArea)
7) Cover me Bad - Color Me Once (Violent Femmes)
8) Lot Lizards - Ordinary (Face to Face)
9) No Call, No Show - 20 Eyes (Misfits)
10) Craig Shay - Born at the End of Summer (Up For Nothing *Member of Answering Machine / Cold Wrecks
11) The Frontmen - Back in the USSR (The Beatles)